Corpenicus masters challenge 2021

Space View participated in the 2021 Copernicus Masters Challenge and presented innovative ideas utilizing satellite data for cargo vessel navigation support. We competed against companies, universities and individuals from all over the world for the most innovative and most sustainable idea and were nominated for the final selection. Our main project’s idea is to predict cargo and vessel navigation in waterways like canals (e.g. the Suez Canal). The proposed system pulls information about weather, vessels and changes in water level from Copernicus Satellite in order to predict the most accurate vessel trajectory through the canal. The generated vessel trajectory is on a near real-time basis. Beside generating vessel trajectory, our proposed system builds a schedule table to arrange the suitable entrance time of vessels that approach the canal. Our proposed project can save multi-billion dollars of loss on international trade and the global economy from the risk of canal blockage by freighters and large ships (e.g. The Suez Canal incident in March 2021).
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