SPACE×METAVERSE, New Spatial Domain

We will create new spatial domains using “space technology”/ “metaverse” and provide next-generation services.



SPACE x METAVERSE Promotes Solutions to Global Challenges

According to the Cabinet Office in Japan, the main objectives of space development and utilization are “National security”, “Contribution to the accumulation of human knowledge”, “Contribution to sustainable human development”, “Improvement of economic competitiveness and scientific and technological capabilities” and “Improvement of the quality of life of the people”.

In order to achieve the above goals, SPACE VIEW (hereafter referred to as “our company”) has been involved in space technology, focusing on the utilization of satellite data through remote sensing, and we believe that we can create even greater synergy effects by entering the field of “metaverse”.

We have focused on the two major advantages of the metaverse (“Promoting connections among people and transmitting/sharing a wide variety of ideas with retrieving time and physical constraints” and “Conducting simulations in virtual reality at low cost”), and we believe that by utilizing these features in space technology, we can promote solutions to all of the world’s problems and ultimately contribute to the further development of humanity.

into the new space

Into the new area of activity

After half a century of activity in outer space, humanity is now extending its area of activity even further into virtual space. We have started our activities as a space startup, and furthermore, as a startup dealing with metaverse, we will support the economy and technology of the multiverse world that will be created infinitely in the future.


We specialize in handling “space”, from outer space to metaverse space, and will create new spatial domains and next-generation services by making full use of cloud technology, deep learning, 3D spatial design and blockchain technology, and contribute to the promotion of solutions to all problems in the world.


Metaverse Technology

As a company handling “space”, we will create possibilities in new areas of activity with “Metaverse Space” and “Blockchain”.

Metaverse Space

We provide consulting services for planning, proposing and developing metaverse space. We also develop new spaces using tools such as “Blender” and “Unity” for the creation of virtual spaces.



In order to create new asset value in the digital space from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, we will promote “wallets” etc. using blockchain technology to the society.


We are developing services to deliver new value in the Web 3.0 era based on 3D space generation technology for metaverse space creation, data analysis technology from satellite data and blockchain technology.


We develop/provide metaverse space and provide consulting services for NFT assets.


We plan and propose metaverse spaces and develop them using “Blender” and “Unity”.


We provide technology to create new asset value in digital space and its trading market.


We provide a service to convert 2D photos into 3D avatars.


We offer a variety of space quality electronic components and subsystems related to CUBESAT manufacturing.


We collect and match business cases using satellite data to generate new private sector demand.


Spaceview Updates

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